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Sentiment Analysis


Create an API to allows extracting the sentiment of a given string. The API provides a trainable model which enables different weights for specific keywords


Access the DataTrucker URL via a browser

Make an API#

  1. Go to Utils API in the Sidebar > Sentiment API’s
  2. Fill the form to create the API
    1. Resource Name: an arbitrary name to identify the resource
    2. Method: The type of REST Call
    3. Validation Regex of Input values is the input sanitization before executing the command. Arguments will be sent to API as an Array and will be space-separated. Every input argument needs to pass the regex as defined during the creation of the API. Documentation for Validation
    4. Options: used to train models for sentiment analysis

Query the resource you created#

URL: /api/v1/jobs/<resource name>TYPE: <method defined>HEADER: Authorization: "Bearer <JWT Token>"BODY (JSON): {        "statement": "paintings are good."}
Response: 200 OK

As a CRD in Openshift / Kubernetes#

For credentials use the the API below to the management end point

---apiVersion: DatatruckerFlowmetadata:  name: datatruckerflow-samplespec:  Resources:    requests:      memory: "256Mi"      cpu: "250m"    limits:      memory: "256Mi"      cpu: "500m"  JobDefinitions:  - resourcename: sentiment2    name: sentiment2    type: Util-Sentiment    tenant: Admin    restmethod: POST    options:      extras:        cats: 5        amazing: 2        tasteless: -10        Wanted: 10    validations:      type: object      properties:        statement:          type: string          pattern: "^[ A-za-z0-9.]*$"          maxLength: 20  Keys:    configmap: placeholder  Scripts:    configmap: placeholder  Type: Job  DatatruckerConfig: datatruckerconfig-sample  Replicas: 1  API:    name: api    Image:      repository:      imageName: datatruckerio/datatrucker-api      tagName: latest



Create the API via REST#

URL: /api/v1/resourcesTYPE: POSTHEADER: Authorization: "Bearer <JWT Token>"BODY (JSON): {    "resourcename": "sentiment2",    "type": "Util-Sentiment",    "restmethod": "POST",    "options": {            "extras": {              "cats": 5,              "amazing": 2,              "tasteless": -10,              "Wanted": 10            }        },    "validations": {        "type": "object",        "properties": {            "statement": {                "type": "string",                "pattern": "^[ A-za-z0-9.]*$",                "maxLength":20             }        }    }}
Response: 201 OK