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Fuzzy Search


Create an API to allow to search through a given data, and pull out an approximate/probability string match .


Access the DataTrucker URL via a browser

Make an API#

  1. Go to Utils API in the Sidebar > Oracle API’s
  2. Fill the form to create the API
    1. Resource Name: an arbitrary name to identify the resource
    2. Method: The type of REST Call
    3. Script: This details on the configuration options available for fuzzy search, the detailed available options are present below in Basic Options
    4. Validation Regex of Input values, input sanitization before querying the database
      • Examples provided in the UI when you try to create a new API

Query the resource you created#

## Note: send the data along with the API, in the event the data source is external, use the chain resource to fetch the data from an external source and pass it through
URL: /api/v1/jobs/<resource name>TYPE: <method defined>HEADER: Authorization: "Bearer <JWT Token>"BODY (JSON): {          "searchbase": [{            "title": "Old Man's War",            "author": {              "name": "John Scalzi",              "tags": [{                "value": "American"              }]            }          }, {            "title": "The Lock Artist",            "author": {              "name": "Steve Hamilton",              "tags": [{                "value": "English"              }]            }          }],          "key": "englsh"      }
Response: 200 OK

As a CRD in Openshift / Kubernetes#

For credentials use the the API below to the management end point

---apiVersion: DatatruckerFlowmetadata:  name: datatruckerflow-samplespec:  Resources:    requests:      memory: "256Mi"      cpu: "250m"    limits:      memory: "256Mi"      cpu: "500m"  JobDefinitions:  - resourcename: fuze1    name: fuze1    type: Util-Fuzzy    tenant: Admin    restmethod: POST    options:      keys:      - author.tags.value  Keys:    configmap: placeholder  Scripts:    configmap: placeholder  Type: Job  DatatruckerConfig: datatruckerconfig-sample  Replicas: 1  API:    name: api    Image:      repository:      imageName: datatruckerio/datatrucker-api      tagName: latest


Create the API via REST#

URL: /api/v1/resourcesTYPE: POSTHEADER: Authorization: "Bearer <JWT Token>"BODY (JSON): {        "resourcename": "fuze1",        "type": "Util-Fuzzy",        "restmethod": "POST",          "options": {            "keys": ["author.tags.value"]          }}
Response: 201 OK


Note: we use an opensource library as a dependency and the configurations of options can be found at link Fuse.js