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Execute an API

Getting a login token (JWT)#

All resources are wrapped by Authentication , before any API resource is executed it is necessary to get a JWT token . Below is a mechanism to JWT token

Conditions to be met:#
  • A user ID is required.
  • An RBAC to the tenant where the API is deployed needs to be set up on the user.
  • If Keyclock is used: tenancy mapping of the Keycloak Roles need to be setup
  • User ID should have “Execute” access

Process to get obtain JWT is defined here : Login

Querying the API#

Sample request form :
URL: /api/v1/jobs/<resource name>TYPE: <method defined>HEADER: Authorization: "Bearer <JWT Token>"BODY (JSON): {        "<input_key>": "<value>",        "<input_key>": "<value>",        "<input_key>": "<value>",        "<input_key>": "<value>"}
Response: 200 OK{   jsondata....}

The URL of the API would normally be hostname:port unless a pr